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All things around us can be said to have started with a good design.

Organic Pixels was created based on the idea that good design is a result of elements interacting organically with each other. Things are not merely a sum of their parts, but an organism where each element: form, function, beauty, practicality; provides a necessary ingredient that influences each of the others to varying degrees.

Part of this organic philosophy extends to the client's role in any project. I make sure each client understands what the project entails and why each design decision was made.

Whether you are venturing into a new stage of your company, starting a new company, a new product, or just putting a new face on an old logo -- let me help you with your beginning.

Organic Pixels is currently offering the following services:

Logo design Brochure design
Identity systems Web Banner Ads
Web design Specialty Jobs
Please contact Organic Pixels for hourly and design package rates. Fees can be adjusted according to the individual project.