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Organic Pixels is a freelance graphic design studio focusing on projects such as logo and corporate ID systems, brochure websites, small run print jobs and specialty projects.

Organic Pixels was created to bring a more organic relationship between designer and client by looking at the whole as a collection of its parts. Clients are given as much or as little personal attention as desired and each project includes comps for the client to see to provide feedback before moving on to the final result.

Principal Designer, Eileen Descallar Ringwald, has been professionally involved with graphic design since 1993 and has worked as an in house graphic designer for companies in a variety of fields such as money management, publishing, and the movie industry.
Skills Include:    
Adobe Photoshop 4 - CS3   Flash 3 - 4
Adobe Illustrator 6 - CS3   QuarkXpress 4
Dreamweaver 2 - CS3   Adobe Pagemaker 6.5
ImageReady 2 - 3   Adobe Streamline 4
HTML, CSS   Macromedia Freehand
Familiarity with CGI, Perl and PHP