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Real World Adobe Illustrator 9

A great book for those who already know IIlustrator. Real life examples and great tips on how to create them.


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Photoshop 5/5.5 Wow! Book, The

I love this book. Ever sit back, look at something, know that it was made in Photoshop and say "I wish I knew the steps they took"? Well this book tells you step by step how to do a variety of things. Geared toward the intermediate/advanced Photoshop user. I include The Photoshop 6 Wow! Book because Iliked their 5/5.5 version so much, I'm willing to stick my neck out and recommend this version as well


Practical Information Architecture: A Hands-on Approach to Structuring Successful Websites

This is a great book to supplement theoretical knowledge of information architecture. The step by step approach acts as a nice guide to get you to your own goals and the case studies are definitely of a practical and professional nature. This book was part of the required readings in my class on information architecture.


Dreamweaver 4 Magic

From Amazon: ...step-by-step tutorials... how to use cascading style sheets (CSS) and cookies to make user-controlled visual themes, how to build Dynamic HTML (DHTML) drop-down and fly-out menus, and even how to make menus that collapse and expand...The project files are all included on the CD-ROM, along with finished results...Although readers should have experience with Dreamweaver, the book is written in a clear manner that outlines carefully what will be accomplished at each stage and why you might want to carry out any given task in a certain way.


ActionScript : The Definitive Guide

This is for when you want to get more involved with Flash ActionScripts. Also in my reference section.

Photoshop 6 for Windows and Macintosh:...

I include this here as a quick way to get up to speed with the changes since 5.5, an economical way to do it and easy to use as a reference.